The Tenkara rod has a long and proud history dating back over 200 years to the mist-covered mountain passes and alpine streams of 17th century Japan.

Tenkara rods did not get to be the way they are by accident. Over hundreds of years they have evolved from simple bamboo poles to the modern ultralight high-tech carbon fiber telescopic rods we use today. They are designed specifically for fishing unweighted wet flies in small streams.

Originally made of bamboo, the Tenkara rod is ideally suited for fast-flowing mountain streams and alpine lakes, both in Japan and throughout the world.

Today, Tenkara rods are made from carbon fiber, a material that faithfully replicates the lightweight feel and flexibility that characterized the early bamboo originals.

Tenkara fishing rods are a big part of tenkara fishing, and you need to select the fishing rod that best suits you from the vast array available in the market. Tenkara rods provide a marriage of opposites as they are delicate but strong, flexible but firm. To help you choose, here are maxcatch's best tenkara fishing rods you can buy.

Here at Maxcatch, eachof our Tenkara rods are forged from super lightweight IM10/30T+40T JapaneseToray carbon fiber with a Helical core, ensuring optimal performance with everycast.  

Mini Tenkara 9FT/12FT Telescoping Tenkara Fly Rod
Telescoping Tenkara Fly Rod--Rod length:12FT/360CM--Rod Weight:100g--Action:6:4--Section:1..
$58.00 $98.00
Nexus Fishing Tenkara Rod (13'6''/4.11m) - 7:3 Action Telescopic Rod with Rod Sock & Carbon Tube
Tenkara is an Ancient Japanese method of fly-fishing, which uses only a rod, lin..
$65.99 $79.99
Tenkara Carbon Fly Fishing Rod
PERFECT for STREAMS and RIVERS - Designed for smooth casting and good backbone.  Grea..
$50.00 $90.00
Telescopic Nano Carbon Tenkara Rod (12/13 ft.)
ModelRod Length (ft/m)ActionClosed size (cm/inch)SegmentsHandle length (cm/inch)Weight (g/..
$42.00 $69.99
Tenkara Triple Zoom Fly Rod (10'8'', 11'10'', 12'9'')
Description:Triple Zoom(10'8", 11'10", 12'9"):this allows you to use the rod at three diff..
$59.99 $79.99
Tenkara Frosted Fly Fishing Rod
• ONE-YEAR-WARRANTY and LifeTime Repairing Warranty – Maxcatch as a 13 years fly rod ..
$45.00 $79.99
Tenkara Fly Rod Spare Tip - First & Second Sections
Tenkara rod spare tip for Tenkara 12ft /13ftInclude the first two sectionsInstruction: 1. ..
$9.99 $14.99
Maxcatch Tenkara Rod Spare Tip (12 ft. /13 ft.)
Replacement rod tip for Maxcatch Tenkara fly rods.Suitable for both 12 ft. and 13. ft Tenk..
$9.99 $14.99
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