Whole Tenkara Fly Fishing Kit (11 ft./12 ft./13 ft.)

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    Product Features

    • Maxcatch Tenkara Telescopic Rod make of 100% pure high-quality carbon and AAA-grade cork
    • 6 Pattern Tenkara flies painstakingly handcrafted by our resident Tenkara experts
    • Waterproof plastic fly box keeps your flies safe from Mother Nature’s wrath
    • Braided Tenkara nylon line, spool and fluorocarbon tippet
    • Forceps and line nipper for quick line management

    Product Overview

    Tenkara fishing is an awesome subsector of fly fishing that painfully few fly anglers have tried or even know about, despite its allure of allowing you to fish fast-flowing mountain streams with a lightweight, reelless rod that is as elegant as slippery salmon.

    This is why we here at Maxcatch have put together the quintessential starter Tenkara kit, so that anglers of experience levels can instantaneous immerse themselves into and experience the wonderful world that is Tenkara fly fishing.

    This kit features everything you’ll need to kickstart your Tenkara fly fishing adventure, including: A Maxcatch Tenkara Telescopic Rod carbon fibre rod featuring a AAA-grade cork handle, braided Tenkara nylon line, 46yard fluorocarbon tippet, a waterproof fly box, 6 handcrafted Tenkara flies, a pair of forceps and a line nipper. 

    Tenkara rod


    Tenkara line and spool


    6.5” / 16cm Forcep


    Line nipper


    Water-proof Plastic box


    6 Pattern Tenkara Flies


    46Yard 4X Fluorocarbon carbon tippet



    Rotating lilian for keeping the line straight and untangled

    Solid straight-knurled edge winding check

    Pure AAA cork handle fit with hand comfortably

    Durable aluminum butt cap rod blank section replaceable

    Rotating tip(Free Tangle)

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