Tenkara is the customary Japanese technique for fly-angling, which utilizes just a bar, line and fly.

Tenkara is a classification of fly-angling especially appropriate for angling little streams and for exploring. It's a viable, straightforward and agreeable strategy for fly-angling little streams.

Tenkara embellishments are each one of those things (past your bar, line and fly) that it turns out you truly need.

What's more, since you will require in excess of a pole, line and fly, you will require something to convey it in.

We are frequently asked, "What do I have to begin tenkara angling?" Besides the pole and the line, you will require an approach to deal with the line when the pole is crumpled.

While Tenkara rods are hailed for their simplicity and lack of intrusive embellishments, they still require an assortment of accessories to guarantee optimal performance, which is why we here at Maxcatch are offering a host of additional Tenkara accessories to help you on your way to becoming a Tenkara master.

Tenkara Fly Fishing Accessory Kit - Furled Leader Line (12 ft./13 ft.), Tippet, Hook Keeper, Flies & Rod Cap
Maxcatch Tenkara fishing Accessories Furled leader line, Tippet, Rod cap, Hook keeper, Fli..
$19.58 $14.99
Tenkara Fly Rod Hook Keeper (2/4 sets 6/12 pcs)
Secure your lures without damaging guides or cork handles with one of these innovative hoo..
$2.49 $7.99
Tenkara Line & Hook Keeper - 100% Natural Wood (2 pcs)
$6.99 $12.99
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