There are different sorts of flies in tenkara, be that as it may, as his realistic diagram portrays. Indeed, even the sakasa kebari itself has numerous structures and shapes, each with remarkable characteristics. The mantle might be pretty much delicate, pretty much firm, it might be short or long; the body might be thick or dainty, etc.

You will discover subsequent to having tried different things with different examples that one is most exactly as you would prefer; the fly that just suits you the best. There might be numerous purposes behind why an angler inclines toward one fly over the other, yet it will in general come down to individual taste. Possibly you like your fly to be straightforward and simple to work with. Perhaps you like that the plumage is delicate, possibly you need to be firm. Possibly you will locate your own "one fly".

We offer a huge assortment of Tenkara Flies.

Loving tied by our highly-skilled artisans and rigorously tested thanks to our three-step quality control process, our Tenkara flies truly are a sight to behold, both in and out of the water. 

Each and every feather and fiber has been hand-picked to ensure that our flies are of the highest quality, all so that we can guarantee that you are receiving the best possible Tenkara fly fishing experience.

New Tenkara Flies (12pcs) with #8/12/16 Fly Hooks
High Quality : Every feather hand-picked, every hackle hand-selected and every fly ha..
$9.59 $15.99
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