Economic Fly Line

Economic Fly Line

Maybe you were lucky enough to recently be invited on a fly fishing trip with some of your friends. Or maybe, you’ve just always been intrigued by the sport. But to get started, you don’t need top shelf gear, and the economic fly fishing line will do just fine to get you into the sport.

The fly-line is what allows you to cast, and is therefore an extremely important piece of your equipment. Using bad quality fly line will keep you from casting accurately or with distance, can spook fish, and will cost you more money in time as the line quickly wears out.

The type of cheap fly line you’ll need is highly dependent on the type of fishing you’re doing. The lines have different weights, some sink while others float, and some are longer than others.

Our best-seller standard fly lines represent the pinnacle of fly line technology, offering unparalleled durability and casting efficiency to give you a one up on your scaly adversary.

All of our fly lines come with a 1-year warranty.    

AVID Weight Forward Floating Double Colors Line
Weight forward designDurable, all-weather coatingLonger head design for improved line m..
$15.00 $19.99
Weight Forward Floating 100FT Fly Line with Loops
Maxcatch ECO All-purpose weight forward floating fly linePVC layer outside the braided lin..
$10.00 $17.50
Weight Forward Floating Fly Line 2WT-8WT For New Starter
Buy 2 with free shipping.Or order this line with other products.We can't ship th..
Weight Forward Floating 100FT Fly Line With Loops With Box and Line Spool
Maxcatch ECO All-purpose weight forward floating fly linePVC layer outside the braided lin..
$10.00 $17.50
Floating Fly Fishing Line WF5F 100FT Pink With 2 Loops For Lady
Features--Designed to aid the inexperienced caster.--Built with Integrated Slickness for l..
$8.00 $18.99
Double Taper Floating Fly Fishing Line (100ft, moss green, orange)
Ultimate Double Tapered Fly Line for dry flies and emergers when Gentle Subtle Presentati..
$9.99 $15.99
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