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    [BUY 1 GET 1 FOR FREE]

    Outstanding Cost Effective Sinking Fly Line

    Well worth the money for any fisher. We offer this line with a cost price,

    just for letting more people to have a try for the experience of fly fishing.

    Delivers accuracy for any distance 

    and skill level for all around fishing situation.

    Slightly heavier than standard lines for easy loading.

    The addition of tungsten power helps speed-up and stabilize the line as it sinks.

    Sinking Rate 3IPS (inches per second) and Fast Sinking 6IPS available.

    High-tech PVC coating outside 

    of the braided line ensures flotation and durability in any weather condition

    Braided Core for lower memory

     and lower stretch for better Hook-up

    Long head design 

    allows for better line management and helps transfer energy more efficiently to the leader.

    Package included: 2pcs fly line

    A sinking fly line is used to fish nymphs and streamers. Since most of the trout's diet is consumed
    below the surface it just makes sense to have either a sinking fly line on an extra spool or a mini-
    sink-tip section that can be added to the end of your floating line.

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