Sinking & Intermediate

Sinking & Intermediate


Intermediate Fly Lines

The jack-of-all trades for many fly fishermen is intermediate fly line. They generally sink at 1 to 2 inches per second and can be used in a wide variety of conditions and if you could only use one this is a common choice both from the boat and from shore.

Intermediate lines are designed to sink very slowly, typically about 1–1.5 inches-per-second (ips) or so. Designed in two different styles, there's full intermediate where the entire line sinks, and intermediate sink tip where only a certain amount of the end of the line sinks while the rest floats.

Intermediate lines are commonly used to fish saltwater flats for bonefish.  But that’s not the only popular application. 

Intermediate lines are also super effective for fishing beaches and river outlets for striped bass and bluefish.  Nothing keeps the fly just sub-surface like a good intermediate line.

Last but not least, intermediate lines are also amazing for still water fishing. 

Each of our beginner lines have been carefully selected by our resident fly fishing expert to ensure that you are getting the optimum casting experience straight out of the gate.

All of our fly lines come with a 1-year warranty.

Mainstream Weight Forward Floating with Sinking Tip 80FT 4-8WT Brown/Green Color Fly Line
Maxcatch Sinking Tip Line - Ideal for streamers and wet flies for trout, steelhead, salmo..
$21.90 $22.00
[BUY 1 GET 1 FOR FREE] Sinking Fly Fishing Line
[BUY 1 GET 1 FOR FREE]Outstanding Cost Effective Sinking Fly Line Well worth the money for..
Weight Forward Intermediate Fly Fishing Line
Weight forward design, Length: 100ftAbout 1ips sink rateClear color for low visibilitySlig..
$13.00 $25.99
Sink Tip Fly Line Fishing Floating Royal Blue/Black Fast Sinking 6ips
Maxcatch Sinking Tip Line - Ideal for streamers and wet flies for trout, steelhead, salmo..
$12.50 $19.99
Weight Forward Fly Line with Sinking Tip (100ft, lemon green/black, 3 ips)
● Maxcatch sinking tip fly line● Made of PVC coating braided core● Overall Length: 100ft (..
$10.00 $12.99
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