Saltwater Fishing is a great equalizer. Anyone can try it, but it's tough to actually hook up (let alone catch fish) for beginners. With larger bodies of water the fish could be anywhere, and even with thousands of dollars worth of equipment you're not guaranteed to catch them.

Good news is, you don't need to spend big bucks to get results. Whether you're surf fishing, on a pier, or in a boat, it can be an enjoyable and affordable pastime with these smart fishing tips for saltwater anglers.

Saltwater is a harsh environment for a fly reel and even the best need to be rinsed in freshwater after each use to ensure longevity. The perfect reel will have a disc drag system that allows line to be taken smoothly, even when there is a lot of pressure being applied to the braking surface in the drag. The reel also needs adequate capacity to hold both the fly line and the 200-300 yards of backing required.

Reels need to be anodised to a high grade to ensure the corrosive effects of saltwater are kept at bay. Reels with a sealed drag are better for keeping maintenance down to a minimum but a non-sealed drag can be more easily repaired if problems arise in the field. We recommend the saltwater kits for unrivalled value and performance.

Conquer the final fly fishing frontier with out specially-designed saltwater kits.

Each element included with our saltwater kits has been meticulously selected by our resident fly fishing expert to ensure you have the perfect saltwater fly fishing adventure. 

Fully Saltwater Safe Fly Fishing Combo /Outfits
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