Saltwater Fly Fishing Line WF8F Single Loop 90' Line

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     8WT 100FT Sea Fishing Saltwater Fly Line

    FeatureWeight forward,floating, High temperature resistance, Corrosion-resistant
    Line weight#8 WT
    ColorSea blue
    LoopSingle welded loop

    Built for today’s modern action rods and when guides demand the best performance from their clients

    l         Ultra durable Hard Outer Finish

    l         Optimum Performance in Tropical Fishing Conditions

    l         Over Weighted Head rod performance

    l         Loads Quickly and Shoots with a single False Cast

    l         Single welded Loops

    l         Durability and Tangle Free Use

    1.Braided Multifilament Core-Hollow center aids floatation

    2.Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC) Coating Unique chemical saltwater additive provides a greater degree of stiffness won't wilt in the heat

    3.Slightly heavier than standard lines, Coating Additive provide lubrication for maximum distance, Performance&durability

    4.Welded loop on the front end for fast rigging

    Reel  Handle  Rod  Ferrules  Fly Line  Loop  Leader  Tippet  Fly
    Slightly heavier than standard lines for easy loading
    Hard saltwater coating over medium-stiff core that won't wilt in the heat
    XS technologies for the ultimate in performance
    Welded loop on the front end for fast rigging

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