Have you tried creek fishing? Whether it’s deep creek fishing, marsh creek fishing, or basic creek fishing, if you haven’t, you may be overlooking an entertaining fishing opportunity. Small fish can be a lot of fun, but you just may be surprised at the size of some of the fish a creek may hold. Just make sure you know where to fish and have a fishing license to better enjoy your fishing creek experience.

So, what do we recommend?

Keeping in mind that the small creek kit is neat, fun to use pieces of gear, and that none of us can seem to limit ourselves to just a few, we make the following recommendation acknowledging that there is no best answer for everyone, and even what is best for any one of us can be left at home when we want to try something for variety or challenge!

For the small creek kits, the rod would be between 7.5’ and 8.5’, have a slow to medium cadenced, progressive action that flexes well down toward the grip, so that it would load quickly, handle a wide range of flies, handle line mending efficiently and possess a compact casting arc.

It could be made of bamboo, glass or graphite, with the material secondary to the quality with which the maker is able to accurately adhere to the design parameters.

Our small creek kits are ideal for anglers who love to soak up the peaceful ambiance of a late-summer afternoon excursion to their favorite local creek. Everything you'll need is included within, meaning you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy you fly fishing experience.

Best Professional 3WT Fly Rod 7'6" Medium-Fast Fly Fishing Rod & Classic Fly Reel
Package includes : 7'6" 3WT Fly Rod + 3/4WT Classic Fly Reel  Perfect for t..
$139.00 $179.99
Super Light Carbon Fly Fishing Rod & Aluminum Reel & Line Combo 1-3 wt
Medium-fast action rod made of IM8 graphite for durability, accuracy, and increased p..
$67.59 $79.99
V-Feather Rod Combo 7'6'' 3WT 4Sec IM10 Fly Rod+AVID CNC Machined Fly Reel <10 Years Warranty>
Maxcatch Fly Fishing Rod Combo 7'6'' 3WT 4Sec IM10 Fly Rod & CNC Machined Fly Reel-Thi..
$129.99 $159.99
Small Stream Fly Rod Outfit
Maxcatch 2WT 3WT Fly Fishing Combo Kit 6', 7’6’’ 4Sec with 1/2wt 2/3wt Fly Reel & Line..
$75.00 $99.99
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