Real Troutlite DT Fly Fishing Line

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    COMBINATION of CASTABLITY, CONTROL AND PRESENTATION – with the Back-weighted line design, the line offers excellent line control, casts long but still lands lightly. A dedicated Dry fly line for trout fisher

    LONG FRONT TAPER DESIGN for Soft Landing and Delicate Presentation – the taper down 20ft beginning of head is right designed for light presentations. The totally longer head makes the long casting much easier.

    PVC coating with special Softener added for super slick performance – the fly line slides easily thru rod guides and floats well in warm and even cold water. Slick coating shoots the line even further

    Low Stretch Braided Core for high level Sensitivity and Hookset and also for better line mending. Dual Tone Color for better timing of loading the rod and better distance control. And the color definitely looks good on the water

    Welded Decent Size Front and Back Loops make rigging changes much easier especially in cold water

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