Real Perception Floating Fly Fishing line WF2-8F with Two Welded Loops

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    Weight Forward Perception Floating Fly Fishing line 80-100FT 2/3/4/5/6/7/8WT Trout Fly Line
    1.Length:80FT( 2wt,3wt )  90FT( 4wt,5wt )  100FT( 6wt,7wt,8wt,)
    3.Color:2 colors (Green/Camo/Tan)(Green/Orange/Grey)
    This Perception floating trout line helps anglers connect with more fish than ever before. Built with ultra-low stretch core, Perception lines provide groundbreaking levels of sensitivity for intuitively better cast timing, easier line lift and sharp, precise mends. Lack of stretch also means enhanced detection of subtle takes and faster reaction time when setting the hook. the color system improves casting accuracy by making it easy to gauge exact distances with a quick glance. 
    A line with average stretch is more forgiving when it comes to cast timing, so it takes a few initial casts to readjust your (casting) bearings when first using new Perception fly line. You note immediately that the line “asks” for more precisely timed casts. The best advice I can offer when fishing the Perception for the first time is to pay close attention to your drift: the third and last component of a cast. Be sure that your drift it is carried out in full, doing so will allow you to appreciate one of the line’s major benefits: since the Perception produces near zero “bounce back,” you can expect your fly to land with truly pinpoint precision.
    The ConnectCore technology focuses the line’s energy where it’s needed—or rather, where you want it, so long-range mends and roll casting can be explored to new levels. The Perception is also quite notable for its wind-cutting ability (entirely absent from the product literature, as far as I can tell). My guess is that the core may be a bit denser than usual, or—more likely—that the line diameter is small for its weight class.
    • Unique three-color SureFireS system ensures deadly accurate distance control
    • Core improves casting timing, hook set and mending
    • Easy tag to quickly identify fly lineHTB1j1HBXFuWBuNjSszbq6AS7FXam
    • HTB1M.vDXH5YBuNjSspoq6zeNFXax

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