All of our fully-sealed saltwater proof fly reels come with a lifetime warranty.

Anyone who fishes in saltwater regularly knows the havoc it can wreak on your gear. A reel that is exposed to splashes and dunks, if the saltwater does not end up destroying it outright, will lose its smoothness to the point where retrieving the line becomes an unpleasant chore. This is especially troublesome for fishermen who use surface and swimming lures, as constant casting and retrieving is the key to success.

When fishing on foot or in boats and kayaks, it can be impossible to keep the reel protected from the sea. For the saltwater angler, it makes sense to spend more money on a waterproof, sealed spinning reel that will protect the inner gears and bearings from the destructive salt. These types of reels will require less maintenance and will last much longer than non-sealed reels.

Using a sealed reel provides peace of mind and allows the focus to remain on fishing rather than protecting your gear. Not long ago, sealed reels were only available as expensive luxury models but now there are several affordable ones to choose from. They are available in all sizes for all types of fishing from light inshore to heavy offshore use.

The best saltwater fly reels on the market are highly engineered pieces of equipment so they tend to can get pricey. But don’t let those high price tags scare you off.

Representing the pinnacle of fly reel technology, Maxcatch fully-sealed saltwater proof fly reels offer unparalleled line control, strength, and versatility, all wrapped in an ultra-lightweight aluminum frame with a 100% fully-sealed drag system.
Ideal for all manner fly fishing competitions, our full-sealed salterwater proof reels are perfect for taking your casting adventure to the next level.

SL Powerful Saltwater Fly Fishing Reel
    Targeted Species: Large Trout,Large Bass, Steelhead, Salmon, Carp, Shar..
$200.00 $500.00
Sparta Ultra-Smooth Sealed Drag Fly Fishing Reel
Targeted Species: Large Trout, Bass, Steelhead, Salmon, Carp, Shark, Tuna, Tarpon.Free&nbs..
$169.00 $199.00
Sprint Heavy Duty Saltwater Fly Fishing Reel
LIFE TIME WARRANTYTargeted Species: Large Trout, Bass, Steelhead, Salmon, Carp, Shark, Tun..
$195.00 $399.00
VM Multi-disc Drag All Purpose Fly Fishing Reel
Professional waterproof fly fishing reel,designed for all kinds of water and all kinds of ..
$155.00 $199.99
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