There’s a thing about the best fishing reels. They can’t simply be found in any retail store you walk into. They require an extensive search. And a serious angler, you have to be very selective with the type of fishing reel you use. Therefore, if you truly want to make a good decision it is very important you understand how the different types of fishing reels work and how they suite specific fishing situations.

The fishing reel frames can be made from four different materials – aluminum, plastic, magnesium, and carbon. Most over-the-counter reels are made of either aluminum or plastic. On the other hand, carbon and magnesium are mostly used in on high-end fishing reels and tend to be a bit pricey.

As for the entry level units, they are often made from aluminum and carbon. These materials are not only tough but also lightweight and retail at a lower price compared to magnesium. Plastic reels are ideal for leisure fishing but have a shorter shelf life which is an important consideration for pro anglers.

The Things You Should Pay Attention To Before Buying:

Quality reels operate in a fairly simple manner – they spool out the line in uniform coils through the rod’s guides and into the water with minimal tangles or backlashes. To achieve such performance, fishing reel has to meet many specifications.

Kick-start your fly fishing adventure with our range of durable plastic fly reels.

All of our plastic fly reels are fully left/right interchangeable.

Explorer Large arbor Fly reel with spooled fly fishing line (Black Lightweight Polymeric body)
Your reel has been set at the factory for left-hand retrieve. To convert your reel to righ..
$35.99 $39.99
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