PWS Fly fishing EVA handle Folding Carbon Wading Stick Staff with Neoprene Pouch

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    -47" fixed length
    -16.5" folding length
    -5.2" EVA handle length
    -Made of carbon

    Please note that you must connect all the sections of the wading staff  before using it. 
    Connection instructions: 
    1. Unfold the wading staff from the neoprene sheath
    2. Hold the staff in the vertical position so that all the segments are connected and  aligned, starting from the bottom 
    3. Hold the third and fourth segments in a straight, vertical line with one hand; use  the other hand to pull upwards, holding onto the hand grip
    4. Once you hear a click or see the retention pin pop out, the wading staff is  completely deployed; once it is deployed, you can attach the supplied  rock/snow claw, rubber tip, or both over the carbide tip



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