There are very few classic American type fly reels available on the market today. Those that have survived are mostly built bysmall
shops at huge prices. The Loop Classic is both more affordable and more reliable than any of the competitors. The Loop Classic is equipped with ventilated or solid side-plates.

The Classic is completely corrosion resistant and benefits from a new ergonomic handle design with integrated leader retainer on the counterbalance. Available in either left or right-hand wind, each reel is individually numbered and presented in a handcrafted leather case. With its old world classic looks and ultra-modern braking power, you will get the best of both worlds. Loop calls it tradition with an attitude.

Relive the glory days of years gone by with our selection of traditional clicker reels that are specially-designed to recapture the classic look and feel of the very best reels from yesteryear.

Strong, lightweight, and timelessly beautiful, our Maxcatch classic reels offer a wondrous combination of high-tech materials, cutting-edge manufacturing processes, and classic styling and functionality to create a selection of reels that reignite within you those childhood memories of your very first fly fishing experience.

All of our classic-style fly reels come with a lifetime warranty.

Classsic Disc Drag System CNC Machine Cut Aluminum Fly Reel(10 years warranty)
Super strong CLA disc drag system can withstand even the mightiest of fishCNC-machined fro..
$120.00 $319.99
MINIMA Clicker Drag System Fly Reel
[Light weight king - 2021 Maxcatch Exclusive Design]Copperated with Maxcatch Thompson rive..
$73.90 $99.00
SA Clicker Fly Fishing Reel Machine Cut Clicker Fly Reel
SAGE Clicker Fly Fishing Reel Machine Cut Clicker Fly Reel1. CNC machine cut2. Made of fin..
$93.99 $119.99
Classic Trout Fly Fishing Reel
1.Small delicate trout requires small delicate reel and rod. this one is born for bro..
$73.00 $99.99
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