Anti-UV Arm Protector With Thumbs Hole Cycling Motor Driving

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    • Breathable micro fiber material
    • 45 cm-47 cm (length) / 12 cm-18 cm (semi-circle of upper arm) / 8.5 cm-12 cm (semi-circle of lower arm)
    • UV-resistant
    • Sweat-absorbent
    • Ideal for all manner of outdoor pursuits
    Shield your arm against the harsh, corrupting rays of the sun with the Maxcatch anti-UV Arm Sleeve. Made from breathable micro fibers, this sleeve is an ideal companion for any angler who adores fishing during the height of summer. In addition to protecting your skin against UV radiation, the sleeve’s innovative anti-sweat functionality also helps keep your skin cool and dry, even when the action is at its hottest. 

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