HVC 5/6 Nano 9054 , IM12 NANO carbon fiber fly fishing rod 9ft 5wt 4 sections, 5/6wt fly reel fly fishing combo

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    Fast action

    NANO Technology construction

    ceramic stripping guides

    Hard chromed snake guides

    AAA grade cork handles

    Hard wood and aluminum anodized freshwater reel seat

    Weights 5,4 sections

    Only 1 tip available.



    The NANO Fly fishing rods are the best rods we have ever produced. They are beautifully balanced, lightweight with  crisp clean actions that provide both superb casting and fish playing characteristics. They are also phenomenally strong thanks to the revolutionary nature of the new  Silica NANO material. carbon fibre held together with a resin impregnated with silica nano spheres. This technology is relativly new and proven it produces a material that is significantly stronger and  lighter than traditional carbon fibre. 

    This rod is smooth and precise casting so that you can make a full range of close-in and long distance cast. You can feel exactly what the line is doing through all stages of casting. offering the angler ultimate control so that you can make micro-adjustment to place the fly precisely on where you want


    The HVC Large Arbour reel is the flagship of the reel line and is simply superb.

    This is the ultimate large arbour design.
    This reel is machine cut from the finest grade 6061 aluminium billet stock and features
    precision needle bearings on a chrome alloy spindle for remarkably smooth handling.
    The large arbour means that you will have less line memory and fast retrieval.
    The cork-on-delrin disc drag provides infinite control to protect fine tippets and
    yet will provide fish turning power when you need it!


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