We offers remarkable fly angling materials and tools to help make the ideal flies for fly angling. We convey a wide scope of fly tying supplies, for example, may wing formers, plumage forceps, wing cutters, pioneer cleaners, and cords alongside considerably more to browse.

Shop for tying tools with Maxcatch. Peruse through our misc. tying tools, for example, restoring lights, whip finishers, bodkins, snare records, bobbin threaders and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

While your standard assortment of flies might require only the most basic of tools, when tackling more complex patterns, you sometimes have to use more specialized tools, ones that might be unfamiliar to you, yet are essential for your latest fly pattern project.

To ensure that you have the tools to tackle any fly pattern, we here at Maxcatch have gathered together an assortment of miscellaneous fly tying tools that are ideal for those seeking to master the hallowed art of fly tying.

2 Pieces Aluminum Alloy Fishing Tier Device Fishing Hook Tier With Sub-Line Tier Fishing Tackle
Material:Aluminum AlloySize:11.5*1cmColor:YellowQuantity:2 Pieces..
$6.21 $9.99
Fly Tying Waste Basket
Maxcatch Fly Tying Waste Basket Low Profile Magnetic Quick Release Trash Holder· &nbs..
Waterproof Fly Tying Marker Double Head Pen UV Resistant 12 Colors
Write more than 100 meters.12 Must have colors selected by professional fly tiers.High tec..
$17.99 $28.99
Maxcatch Fly Fishing Stomach Pump 7.3'' Fishing Hatch Tool
Maxcatch Fly Fishing Stomach PumpTake the guesswork out of "matching the hatch" - use the ..
$6.99 $9.99
Lightweight Fly Fishing Magnetic Tippet Threader High Density Plastic Fly Fishing Accessories
Material:High Density PlasticColor:BlackQuantity:2pcs/lot-So lightweight Tippet Threader T..
$9.99 $15.99
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