Specific Freshwater Fly Line

Specific Freshwater Fly Line

In freshwater, the best and most common fish to target fly fishing are trout and salmon, though pike can provide one heck of an exciting battle. Bass, carp and panfish (small fish like sunfish) are also popular species to target in rivers and lakes.

If you’re fly fishing freshwater, you’ll want a selection of dry flies and baitfish flies. Dry flies float on the surface of the water and look like flies drinking, whereas baitfish flies sink and imitate the swimming motion of small fish.

Carp tend to go after dry flies. For pike, get big flies and wire leaders so the sharp teeth don’t bite through your line.

Whether you’re hitting a river or a lake or the open ocean, fly fishing is an awesome way to enjoy the great outdoors.

We have a fantastic selection of the highest quality freshwater fly lines, designed to optimize your time on the water.

All of our freshwater fly lines are designed to excel at required casting and fishing needs and feature cutting-edge technology for maximum versatility and performance.

Big Nasty Fly Fishing Line WF8F 100FT
-- Ultra-low stretch for performance-- Heavier than the industry standard to load easily--..
$18.80 $21.90
Maxcatch Gold Line with HEALTHY Wheat Spool and Box
Ultimate ALL-Purpose Floating line for Trout Fly Fisher – Casting far and with accuracy. P..
$17.80 $21.99
Nymph Fly Fishing Line
WF2/3/4/5/6F 90'Material: PVC coat with mono coreColor: pale green/camoThe nymph line is b..
Perception WF2F-8F Real Floating Fly Fishing Line
Maxcatch Perception Fly Fishing Line WF2F/3F/4F/5F/6F/7F/8F with 2 Welded loops SizeH..
Real Troutlite DT Fly Fishing Line
COMBINATION of CASTABLITY, CONTROL AND PRESENTATION – with the Back-weighted line design, ..
$21.90 $35.00
Trout Beige/Sage Weight Forward Floating Line
Weight Forward Floating  Fly Fishing Line with Two Welded LoopsWater: fresh..
$21.90 $18.99
Windcutter Fly Fishing Line
Maxcatch Windcutter Fly Fishing Lines WF4F WF5F WF6F WF7F WF8F Floating Line Computer..
$21.90 $18.99
Grand line Double Color Weight Forward Floating with Two Exposed Loops for Fast Action
Double Color 90FT 4wt-7wt Weight Forward Floating Fly Fishing Line with Two Welded Loops F..
$21.90 $19.00
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