Fly Tying Materials Kit Natural Feathers& Dubbing& Hooks& Beads& Lead& Tools

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    Natural Feather,colored dubbings,nymph skin,deer hair,grizzly hackle and Peacock Herl is included in the full kit.

    They can create the lifelike back and attractive shimmer underwater.

    Straight Scissors,Hair Stacker,Hackle Pliers,Dubbing Needle,Bobbin Threader,Whip Finisher,Bullet Bobbin,Half Hitch Tools.

    Dubbing Twister,Neoprene Fly Tying Tool Pouch 11pcs Essential tools included.

    Hooks size 12 14 and 16 cover most fly sizes.

    Copper Wire ,lead wire,silver wire and tippet line can be used to build the underbody.

    Copper Beads will suit the size of the hook and produce the desired sink rate.

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