With always looking for ways to improve angler’s fly fishing experience, Maxcatch offers a fly fishing kit to get you prepared for the rigours of the discipline. Great for new fly anglers, the whole kit has everything you need for a flying start in fly fishing.

Ensuring that you look good and perform well out on the river, this is a great gift for someone who’s looking to get in to fly fishing, or a good investment for yourself if you’re heading to an area where salmon and trout are plentiful and want to try something a little bit different.

So if you are not sure whether fly fishing is for you, this is an affordable way to get into a new discipline and find out whether it suits you, without spending too much. Alternatively, this is a great kit to buy if you need an extra starter pack or a rod to travel with.

The whole comprehensive set up of the fly fishing kits from maxcatchfising.com are spectacular and at an exceptional value, giving you a solid start to start exploring a new discipline

Our best-selling fly fishing kits represent the pinnacle of Maxcatch's line of fly fishing products, gathered together in one convenient location, just for you, our loyal customers.

Amigo Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Complete Outfit
- EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GO FISHING – this most cost effective fishing combos ar..
Extreme Fly Fishing Whole Outfit
Please leave message for the reel color you want.We will pack Silver color if there's no m..
$79.00 $169.99
Traveler Fly Fishing Rod Combo Graphite IM10/30T+36T Carbon Fiber Fly Rod with Fly reel Kit
Rod details: Reel Details: Accessory details:Graphite IM10/36T SK carbon fiber,Rod weight:..
$99.99 $159.99
Extreme Fly Fishing Rod +Tino Reel whole combo
$99.00 $107.00
Small Stream Fly Rod Outfit
Maxcatch 2WT 3WT Fly Fishing Combo Kit 6', 7’6’’ 4Sec with 1/2wt 2/3wt Fly Reel & Line..
$75.00 $99.99
5WT SK Carbon Fly Rod Fast Action 9FT Fly Fishing Rod Cordura Tube Outfit
Rod material : High carbon fiberLength : 9'0" Line weight : 5wt  Section : 7pc  ..
$89.99 $169.99
Premier Fly Fishing Rod Combo, Rod and Reel Outfit, 5/6 weight
This is our best-selling series, sleekly designed for everyone from beginners to experienc..
$79.99 $145.99
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