For fisherman, the most annoying thing in fishing is the loss of a fish right at the edge of the boat – gone, after you’ve put in all the work locating and plotting how to catch them. Many times this situation can be remedied with the right landing net, such as Maxcatch landing net, one that is designed to make it easy to land your specific species, from wherever you prefer to fish.

Past that, great arrival nets ensure the fish and helper in catch and discharge. Covered nets are gentler on a fish's skin and improve the accomplishment of a fish's discharge once more into the water.

Secure your catch as well as the future of our beautiful natural environment with our coveted collection of landing nets.

Designed with catch & release in mind, each one of our nets, be they either wooden or carbon in nature, are ideal for landing that prize-winning trout you’d had your eye on all summer.

Our extensive selection has models suited to any kind of fishing.

Cheetah Black Carbon Durable Landing Net
Robust carbon fiber frameFlexible and lightweight nylon mesh netConformable non-slip gr..
$62.00 $109.00
Clear Rubber Net & Release Burl Straight Wooden Handle Fly Fishing Landing Net
Soft yetdurable rubber netting to protect fish from accidental harmBurled woodhandle allow..
$49.99 $99.99
Landing Net Replacement Clear Rubber Fly Fishing
Specifications:Clear Color:Half Perimeter:38cm/48cm/58cmDepth:24cm/28cm/30cmColor :ClearBl..
Folding Fly Fishing Landing Net with Telescoping Handle Fishing Net
Net length : 13.8" / 35cmNet width : 17.8" / 45cmNet depth : 22.5" / 57cmNet material : Ny..
$29.99 $39.99
Fly Fishing Landing Net Trout Rubber Net With Wooden Handle
Trout Fly Fishing Landing Net Monofilament Clear Rubber/Mesh Fishing Network Catch & R..
$29.00 $39.99
New Folding Fly Fishing Landing Net with Telescoping Handle Fishing Net
Net FeatureThis net is designed specifically for serious canoe and kayak with a compact ex..
$23.99 $39.99
Nylon Landing Fly Fishing Net Wooden Handle Fishing Net
Material:Nylon Net with Wooden HandleTotal Length:23.6inches/60.02cmWidth:10.8inches/27.5c..
$29.99 $29.99
Maxcatch Fly Fishing Landing Net Trout Net
27.2 inches overall length11.7" x 15.5" teardrop hoop with 0.5" black nylon micro meshAlum..
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