Fly Fishing Gear

Fly Fishing Gear

Fly fishing is a circle regrouping dedicated anglers, full of passion for their favorite hobby. As any passion there is a particular interest around tackle, and everyone is looking to obtain the best gears to the best prices.

Maxcatch fishing is here to provide you fly fishing tackle from an high quality with free warranties on all our catalog.

You can enjoy different kind of ranges, rods, reels, lines, waders and a lot of more products in each categories of our website.


Before launching a new product, all the aspects are studied to build something strong, a good and beautiful design according to the taste of our customers, and also an economical way to share what we love to the fly fishing community, applying affordable prices.


We aim to offer you complete solutions, ensuring a good backing with a customer service ready to help you anytime you want. Your happiness practising fly fishing is what we are concerned about, we are not going to let anyone down without providing a minimum of security on our products and service.


Maxcatch fishing is proud to work with you everyday, proud to create new opportunities and proud to grow up in the fly fishing tackle market. Come with us, share a bit of Max life, enjoy more magical moments with our brand as we enjoy making fly fishing tackle for you.

Perhaps you will see Maxcatch is the solution you needed to step up, and enhance your fly fishing experience.


Test Maxcatch fly fishing tackles and you will not be disappointed at all, You can check our daily evolution and all the news about us on our following social media :

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And ask us anything you want or even propose new ideas by contacting this email :

[Champion Recommend]Competition Toray Japanese carbon Fly Rod
Recommended for competition by FIPS-Mouche top 10★★★★★AndrewI've been fly fishing for only..
$158.00 $259.99
Nano Nymph Professional Euro Nymphing Fly Rod<Lifetime Warranty>
Designed for Professional Nymph Fly Fishing.EVERYTHING to BE a GREAT NYMPHING FLY ROD -Lig..
$146.00 $269.99
Competition NANO A-Helix Core Fast Action Fly Rod
$156.00 $198.00
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