In order not to accidently dropping or misplacing expensive hand-held tools or instruments with tool lanyards from Grainger. They minimize the dangers of entanglement, fatigue and annoyance while maximizing worker satisfaction and output.

They highlight snappy discharge clasps, extreme stretch ropes, rough nylon sleeves, lock sewing and more than fit weight limit.

Maxcatch lanyard tool kits are an easy and affordable way to help fisherman prevent mishaps and falling tools.

Keep your trusty tools close at hand with out specially-designed lanyard tool kits.

Easy to carry, even on the most arduous of trips, our lanyard tool kits will allow you to seamlessly fix any niggling issues plaguing your gear and tackle.

High Quality Fly Fishing Lanyard with Zinger Tippet Holder Line Nipper Forceps Bottle Holder Fly Fishing Accessory
High Quality Fly Fishing Lanyard with Accessories Material: Polyester and Hand W..
$19.99 $29.99
Fly Fishing Lanyard with Fishing Tools combo
Hand Woven fly fishing lanyard, made of PolyesterClassic design, breakaway safety featureA..
$19.99 $25.99
Fly Fishing Lanyard with Fishing Tools combo
This item contains 1 lanyard, with 7 pcs fishing tools.Polyester braided line with camo co..
$19.99 $25.99
Hand Woven Fly Fishing Lanyard Braided Necklace with Fly Box & Streamside Accessories Fly Fishing Tools Kit
Lanyard Braided Necklace with 5  Fly Fishing Accessories   H..
$25.99 $29.99
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