EVA Foam Organizer with Fly Tying Basic Tools #Tying your own Flies#

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    #Tying your own Flies#

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    Bodkin Brass 

    Applying head cement to clearing the eye of the hook.

    This versatile piece of fly tying equipment makes applying small stick-on eyes a breeze.

    Standard Bobbin

    The Standard Bobbin holds your thread spool and conveniently applies your thread through the tip.

    Bobbin Standard for Fly Tying,brass feet for smooth spool rotation.

    Adjustable for all spool sizes.


    Rotatable Whip Finisher

    Rotatable Whip Finisher for Fly Tying/Tying Flies.

    Great all around whip finishing tool.

    Made from stainless steel and brass,make tying the "whip finish knot" fast and easy.made from stainless steel and brass.

    Bobbin Threader

    Threader to pull your thread through the bobbin tube.


    Fly Tying Tool Caddy

    The EVA foam provides reliable house to store and protect your fly tying tools.
    Made of soft foam, you don’t need to worry about broken when it is exposed to epoxy or cement.
    It should be used by each person when tying flies, which is most convenient and durable for you.
    The tool caddy has 10 slots varying in size for storing your different tools.
    You can put the hooks, bobbin, glue, and other tools into this tool station.

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