Fly fishing forceps are used by almost all freshwater fly fishing anglers. Most forceps are designed with a flat (non-serrated) area at the tip of the jaws. They are an integral part of any fly angler’s essential gear.

Fly fishing for larger saltwater and larger freshwater species? Well then, pliers might be the choice for you. Either way, forceps or pliers allow anglers to perform numerous common tasks while on the water.

Most regularly, this would incorporate squeezing points on flies, expelling snares from fish, including and evacuating split shot, and cutting monofilament pioneers and tippet.

Whether you need to remove hooks, cut a piece of line to length or remove a pesky knot end from an otherwise pristine piece of line, our forceps are just the tool your need.

All of our forceps come with a 1-year warranty as standard, covering any damages or replacement parts your might need. 

Fly Fishing Hook Remover 6.8" Stainless Steel Forceps With Scissors Bait Tools Fishing Accessory
Fly Fishing Hook Remover 6.8" Stainless Steel Forceps Half Smooth and Half Cross-Hatc..
$6.99 $10.99
Curved Hemostats Fly Fishing Tool Forceps Flies Remover
Made of stainless-steel for long-lasting usageIncorporated fly hook removerAvailable in th..
$5.99 $9.99
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