These days, present day stream and lake fly angling incorporate different hued and weighted dabs, formed heads and tremendous eyes to the most essential fly tying materials! Present day European fairy methods demonstrate the course of the 21st century in fly angling world. Too in still water fly angling, which has spread to new angling procedures that go connected at the hip with the imaginative counterfeit fly examples that contain these mentoined fly tying materials!

In this category you will find all kinds of tungsten and brass beads of all sizes, colors and loads! Cone heads for the tying of trout streamers and lake lures and various artificial eye designs that will find their use when tying streamers for predators, saltwater shrimps and other effective flies!

No tier’s workshop is complete without a comprehensive collection of beads, heads and eyes from which they can craft a profusion of bedazzling fly patterns.

Our beads offer anglers the opportunity to create a whole host of various fly designs thanks to the kaleidoscopic collection of colors we have available. From vivid purples to shimmering silvers, our durable tungsten fly beads are ideal for the creation of any and all fly patterns, be they temperate or tropical in origin.

Whatever you’re fishing for, whatever your specific fly fishing discipline might be, we have the beads, heads and eyes to suit your needs.

24-112pcs 6 Sizes Fly Tying 4D Fishing Lure Realistic Artificial Fishing Eyes
Size :4mm,6mm,,7mm,8.5mm,10mm,15mmQuantity :24-112pcsColor : 4D as pictureThese eyes are n..
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