5pcs 0.75/1 inch Fly Fishing Strike Indicators Fishing Float Bobbers

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    Key Features

    • Two Size Specifications: These fly-fishing bobbers are availablein two distinct sizes: 0.75 inches and 1.00 inches respectively.
    • 100% Buoyant: Never loose track of your hook everyagain! These strike indicators will remain on top of the water no matter what.
    • Eye-popping Colors: Available in Pink/Orange/White/Yellow/Noctilucentcolors, you’ll easily be able to navigate the waters without fear of loosingsight of your hook.
    • Durable Plastic Construction: Make from buoyant and durableplastic, these bobbers can withstand near-countless casts.
    • Multiple Bobbers: Each pack comes with 5 bobbers asstandard.

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