Brass Dumbbell With Eyes Fly Tying Beads

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    25Pcs/lot 3.2mm-6.3mm  

    --Brass Dumbbell Eyes are the quickest way to add action and weight to any pattern.,which come in   a full range of sizes to meet your tying needs.

    --Go with Brass Dumbbell Eyes on your patterns when you want that in-between weight. 

    --Lighter then Lead Eyes, heavier then Bead Chain. 

    --The dumbbell shape allows an easy point to cross wrap to the hook. 

    --More environmentally friendly then lead eyes

    --These brass eyes produce a great shine that will assist in getting a fishes attention during the day. 

        Also, give your fly a chance to reach a lower level of the water column quicker.

    -- Brass dumbbells combined with popular Brule hard epoxy eyes provide added realism and flash      to streamers

    ---25pcs per package


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