100FT 5WT Weight Forward Floating Fly Line With Loops With Box And Line Spool

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    ·        Weight-forwardtaper design

    ·        Weldedloops

    ·        100ftin length

    ·        41fthead length

    ·        Two-tonedcolour scheme – light beige & powder blue

    Our proseries fly lines represent the apex of fly line design, offering unparalleled strength,sensitivity, and accuracy, no matter the circumstances. The perfect companion forthe modern angler, with our pro series line at your disposal, you’ll be able toconquer any and all fish that cross your path. 


    Weight-forward taper(WF)
    1.These are the most popular and the best choice if you are a biginner.
    2.The first 30 feet or so of line is heavier because of its tapered front end.
    3.The first of the line is thinner and is known as the running line.
    4.The weight-forward line helps with long casts and better precision even in windy conditions.
    Length: 100FT
    Line weight: 5wt
    Color: Light Beige&Powder Blue

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