Windcutter Fly Fishing Line

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    Maxcatch Windcutter Fly Fishing Lines WF4F WF5F WF6F WF7F WF8F Floating Line


    Computer designed 42-50ft Head with a long and fine structured front taper, casting flies at any sizes for distance, accuracy and nature presentation, extremely valuable for accurate casting in windy environment.

    Ultra low stretch core provides maximum sensitivity and minimum line memory in all weather conditions. 

    High-tech coating for dependable floating and durability. Special Agent is integrated provides extreme slickness.

    Braided Multifilament Core--Hollow center aids floatation
    Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC) Coating--Unique chemical additive provides a greater degree of stiffness
    Coating Additives--provide lubrication for maximum distance, performance&durability

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